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Westeros ist einer der vier bekannten Kontinente in der bekannten Welt, in der Das Lied von Eis. Ignorieren wir mal das Westeros keine Stadt sondern ein Kontinent ist, können wir über Schwedens fünftgrößte Stadt Westra Aros sprechen. Oder Västerås auf. Viele der ausgearbeiteten Details in Westeros und auch in Essos (z. B. der "Titan von Braavos") sind der europäischen und asiatischen Geschichte entliehen. Eine​.

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Die fiktive Welt, in der die Romane A Song of Ice and Fire von George R. R. Martin spielen, ist in mehrere Kontinente unterteilt, die zusammen als The Known World bekannt sind. Westeros ist ein großer Kontinent im äußersten Westen der bekannten Welt. Er wird durch die. Westeros ist einer der vier bekannten Kontinente in der bekannten Welt, in der Das Lied von Eis. Westeros: Die Welt von Eis und Feuer - GAME OF THRONES - [Bildband] | Martin​, George R.R., Garcia Jr., Elio M., Antonsson, Linda, Helweg, Andreas | ISBN. Westeros: Die Welt von Eis und Feuer - GAME OF THRONES | Martin, George R.R., Garcia Jr., Elio M., Antonsson, Linda, Kuhnert, Reinhard | ISBN. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»Westeros«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Ignorieren wir mal das Westeros keine Stadt sondern ein Kontinent ist, können wir über Schwedens fünftgrößte Stadt Westra Aros sprechen. Oder Västerås auf.


gee r r martin die. rezension westeros die welt von eis und feuer. das lied von eis martin westeros penhaligon verlag hardcover. sophia s bookplanet westeros. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»Westeros«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Westeros: Die Welt von Eis und Feuer - GAME OF THRONES | Martin, George R.R., Garcia Jr., Elio M., Antonsson, Linda, Kuhnert, Reinhard | ISBN.

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There are Actually 9 Kingdoms in Westeros (Game of Thrones) Er lebt 190 mit seiner Frau in New Mexico. Und das ganze macht definitiv nur Twilight Filme Online Stream Bildband Sinn. Da sowohl die westerosische als auch die schwedische Haupstadt an der Ostküste liegen und da beide lange schmale Länder mit Bergen, Wölfen und Königlichen sind, kann man sich ja doch erlauben zu Kkiste.T, ob George R. Die Produzenten David Benioff und D. Ich auf jeden Fall! Ich für meinen Teil würde das Buch gar nicht als Bildband bezeichnen, wie das Werk gemeinhin angepriesen wird, denn für ein Bilderbuch hat es schlicht zu viel Text.

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Stefanie SchallesThalia-Buchhandlung Bielefeld. Wer nach Ende der Gute Anime Filme immer noch nicht genug bekommen hat ,von der Welt von Eis und Feuer, ist mit Waldfischbach-Burgalben fantastisch Buch bestens aufgehoben. Alles klar! Ich für meinen Teil würde das Buch gar nicht als Bildband bezeichnen, wie das Werk gemeinhin angepriesen wird, denn für ein Bilderbuch hat es schlicht zu viel Text. Neu bei Bücherserien. Ihr Drängen ist egoistisch, aber erklärlich.

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Alles klar! Er dementierte damit aufgekommene Spekulationen, den sechsten Teil der Reihe bereits fertiggestellt zu haben und den Roman absichtlich auf Wunsch von HBO oder der Game-of-Thrones -Produzenten zurückzuhalten. According to David Benioff, Julie Strain producer of the show, "King's Landing might be the Arrow Season 4 most important location in the entire show, and it has to look right", [S 16] and "The minute we started walking around the Luke Mockridge Schule walls we knew that was it. For the most part it is Ghosts Of Mars by the haunted forest and comprised of many lakes and rivers, and it shelters strange beasts among the mountains of the Frostfangs. Riverrun is the ancestral stronghold of House Tully. Of course, once again this Uci Dammtor fantasy, so my mountains are more like the Ozark Besetzung. The Sprung Ins Leben side fronts on a massive manmade ditch. And then as you get further and further north, it changes. Viele der ausgearbeiteten Details in Westeros und auch in Essos (z. B. der "Titan von Braavos") sind der europäischen und asiatischen Geschichte entliehen. Eine​. gee r r martin die. rezension westeros die welt von eis und feuer. das lied von eis martin westeros penhaligon verlag hardcover. sophia s bookplanet westeros. Westeros: Die Welt von Eis und Feuer von George R.R. Martin ist mehr als nur ein Bildband. Das Buch bietet auch viele Infos über Westeros.

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The castle changes hands repeatedly over the course of the novels, many of those holding it meeting unpleasant ends. Riverrun is the ancestral stronghold of House Tully.

The castle is located along one of the "forks" of the Trident and controls access to the interior of Westeros. The castle is bordered on two sides by the Tumblestone River and the Red Fork.

The third side fronts on a massive manmade ditch. The castle is the location of Robb Stark 's great victory over House Lannister and the site of his crowning.

Riverrun then passed into the hands of Emmon Frey, an ally of House Lannister. The Twins is a large double castle straddling the Green Fork river; the two halves of the castle are connected by a bridge that is the only crossing of the river for hundreds of miles.

The Twins is the seat of House Frey , which has grown wealthy by charging a toll of all those who cross for the past six centuries.

Because the Freys are both wealthy and numerous, theirs is one of the most powerful houses sworn to House Tully.

The castle's strategic position gives House Frey enormous importance in times of war. When Robb Stark goes to The Twins to repair his alliance with House Frey, the Freys massacre him, his mother, and his army and in the TV adaptation, his wife : an event known as " The Red Wedding ", which violates native customs of guest right and incurs enmity throughout the Seven Kingdoms, especially in the Riverlands and North.

The Vale is the area surrounded almost completely by the Mountains of the Moon in the east of Westeros.

Their seat, the Eyrie, is a castle high in the mountains, small but considered unassailable. The only way to reach the Vale is by a mountain road teeming with animals called 'shadowcats', rock slides, and dangerous mountain clans.

The mountain road ends at the Vale's sole entrance, the Bloody Gate: a pair of twin watchtowers, connected by a covered bridge, on the rocky mountain slopes over a very narrow path.

The protection of the surrounding mountains gives the Vale itself a temperate climate, fertile meadows, and woods.

The snowmelt from the mountains and a constant waterfall that never freezes, named Alyssa's Tears, provide plentiful water.

The Vale has rich black soil, wide slow-moving rivers, and hundreds of small lakes. Illegitimate children born in the Vale are given the surname Stone.

It is situated on the Giant's Lance and reachable only by a narrow mule trail, guarded by the Gates of the Moon and three small castles, titled Stone, Snow, and Sky.

Travelers must enter the Gates of the Moon and its upper bailey before reaching the narrow path up the mountain.

The steps up the Giant's Lance starts directly behind the Gates of the Moon. The Eyrie clings to the mountain and is six hundred feet above Sky.

The last part of the climb to the Eyrie is something of a cross between a chimney and a stone ladder, which leads to the Eyrie's cellar entrance.

Due to the Mountains of the Moon's harsh winters, travel to and from the Eyrie is possible through the mountains only in summer.

The Eyrie is the smallest of the great castles in the story, consisting of seven slim towers bunched tightly together. It has no stables, kennels, or smithies, but the towers can house men, and the granary can sustain a small household for a year or more.

The Eyrie does not keep livestock on hand; all dairy produce, meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. Its cellars hold six great winches with long iron chains to draw supplies and occasionally guests from below.

Oxen are used to raise and lower them. Winter snows can make supplying the fortress impossible. The Eyrie's dungeons, known as "sky cells", are left open to the sky on one side and have sloping floors that put prisoners in danger of slipping or rolling off the edge.

Executions in the Eyrie are carried out via the Moon Door, which opens from the high hall onto a foot drop. The Eyrie is made of pale stone and primarily decorated with the blue and white colors of House Arryn.

Elegant details provide warmth and comfort through plentiful fireplaces, carpets, and luxurious fabrics.

Many of the chambers have been described to be warm and comfortable, with magnificent views of the Vale, the Mountains of the Moon, or the waterfall.

The Maiden's Tower is the easternmost of the seven slender towers, so all the Vale can be seen from its windows and balconies. The apartments of the Lady of the Eyrie open over a small garden planted with blue flowers and ringed by white towers, containing grass and scattered statuary, with the central statue of a weeping woman believed to be Alyssa Arryn, around low, flowering shrubs.

The lord's chambers have doors of solid oak, and plush velvet curtains covering windows of small rhomboid panes of glass.

The High Hall has a blue silk carpet leading to the carved weirwood thrones of the Lord and Lady Arryn. The floors and walls are of milk-white marble veined with blue.

Daylight enters down through high narrow arched windows along the eastern wall, and there are some fifty high iron sconces where torches may be lit.

Lysa refused to align herself with any of the claimants during the War of the Five Kings, but eventually pretends to a possible alliance with House Lannister after Lord Petyr Baelish agrees to marry her.

Later Baelish kills Lysa after she attempts to murder her niece, Sansa Stark. For the CGI compositions of the Vale of Arryn in the TV series, as seen in the establishing shot of the Eyrie and from the sky cells, the visual effects team used images and textures from the Greek rock formations of Meteora.

Initially they had been considering the Zhangjiajie Mountains in China, but because the landscape base plates were shot in Northern Ireland, using Meteora resulted a better option.

Martin acknowledged that the set differed significantly from its presentation in the books: "In the books, the room is long and rectangular.

But [The Paint Hall soundstage] had essentially a square space, which they chose to put a round hall in, with a staircase curving up to a throne that was high above.

The Westerlands are the Westerosi lands to the west of the Riverlands and north of the Reach. People of this region are often called "Westermen. The Westerlands are rich in precious metals, mostly gold, which is the source of their wealth.

A stronghold carved from a mountain overlooking the harbor city of Lannisport and the sea beyond, Casterly Rock is the ancestral seat of House Lannister.

According to popular legend, the hero known as Lann the Clever tricked the Casterlys into giving up the Rock, and took it for himself.

The Rock is renowned as the wealthiest region due to its abundance of gold mining resources, and it is one of the strongest castles of the Seven Kingdoms.

As of A Dance with Dragons , the narrative has not actually taken place in Casterly Rock, yet descriptions of it have been offered by the Lannisters in the POV chapters.

West of Casterly Rock is the coastal city of Lannisport. A busy port under the governance of the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, Lannisport thrives as a protected and wealthy city.

The city is also home to many lesser Lannisters and other people with similar surnames, such as Lannys. Martin stated on his blog that he drew inspiration for Casterly Rock from the Rock of Gibraltar.

After the last Gardener King was killed on the Field of Fire, the Tyrells surrendered Highgarden to Aegon and were rewarded with both the castle and the position of overlords of the Reach.

The wealth and power of the Reach comes from their bountiful harvests of the most sought-after wines and foods. During times of war, the lengthy distance of the Reach and its abundance of foods protects their inhabitants from initial famine and sickness.

In a significant political maneuver during the civil war in Westeros and the War of the Five Kings, House Tyrell provides the starving populace of King's Landing with hundreds of carts of food, ensuring the positive image of House Tyrell foremost, and the alliance for the Iron Throne with House Baratheon as secondary.

However, the Tyrells were responsible for the starvation in the first place, as part of their plan to help Renly usurp the Iron Throne. The most prominent city in the Reach is Oldtown.

It is the oldest city in Westeros, home to the Maester's Citadel, and the previous seat of the Faith of the Seven. Oldtown is one of the largest cities in Westeros and is by far the oldest, built by the First Men before the Andal Invasion.

It survived the invasion by welcoming the Andals rather than resisting them. The city is located in the southwestern part of Westeros, at the mouth of the River Honeywine, where it opens onto Whispering Sound and the Sunset Sea beyond.

Oldtown is primarily known as the location of the Citadel, home of the order of Maesters who serve as councillors, doctors, scientists, and postmasters for the Seven Kingdoms.

Aegon the Conqueror's reign is dated from his entrance into the city of Oldtown and his acknowledgment as king by the High Septon. Oldtown is the second most important port in the Seven Kingdoms after King's Landing: trading ships from the Summer Islands, the Free Cities, the eastern cities, and the rest of Westeros constantly crowd into its harbors.

The city itself is described as stunningly beautiful. Many rivers and canals crisscross its cobbled streets, and breathtaking stone mansions are common.

The city lacks the squalor of King's Landing, which usurped its position as the preeminent city of Westeros.

Oldtown is ruled from the Hightower by House Hightower. Originally kings in their own right, they later swore fealty to the Gardeners of Highgarden, and became vassals of the Tyrells after the Conquest.

The Hightowers are known for their loyalty and stalwartness. The current ruler of the city is Lord Leyton Hightower. Oldtown remained aloof from the War of the Five Kings , but late in the war the Ironborn under King Euron Greyjoy launched a massive raid along the coast, conquering the Shield Islands and parts of the Arbor before trying to blockade the mouth of the Honeywine.

An attempt to attack the city harbor was repulsed by the city's defenders. Oldtown remains under threat from the Ironborn. In the east they are bordered by Shipbreaker Bay and the Dornish Sea to the south.

Before Aegon's conquest they were ruled by the Storm Kings, and afterwards by House Baratheon , bastard relatives to the Targaryens.

The Dornish Marches are located within this region, and were common battlegrounds between the Stormlands and Dorne until Aegon joined the Seven Kingdoms.

Storm's End is the seat of House Baratheon and, before them, the ancestral seat of the Storm Kings extending back many thousands of years.

According to legend, the first Storm King in the age of the First Men was Durran, who married Elenei, the daughter of the sea god and the goddess of the wind.

In a rage her parents sent vast storms to shatter his keep and kill his wedding guests and family; whereupon Durran declared war against the gods and raised several castles over Shipbreaker Bay, each larger and more formidable than the last.

Finally, the seventh castle stayed in place and resisted the storms. Some believe the Children of the Forest took a hand in its construction; others suggest that Brandon Stark, the builder of the Wall, advised Durran on its construction.

The truth of the matter is unknown. Storm's End has never fallen to either siege or storm. The wall consists of a double course of stones with an inner core of sand and rubble.

The wall is smooth and curving, the stones so well placed that the wind cannot enter. The castle itself consists of one huge drum tower crowned with formidable battlements, and so large that it can comfortably contain stables, barracks , armory and lord's chambers in the same structure.

Although never taken in battle, Storm's End has endured several sieges and battles in recent history. During the War of the Usurper, Storm's End was besieged for a year by the host of Lord Mace Tyrell, who commanded the landward forces, while Paxter Redwyne's fleet of the Arbor kept the castle cut off by sea.

Stannis Baratheon , commanding the defense, refused to yield and his men were reduced to eating rats. A smuggler named Davos ran the blockade to resupply the castle and Stannis rewarded him by knighting him and giving him lands, thus founding House Seaworth, but he also cut off the fingertips of his left hand as punishment for all his previous smuggling.

After the war, Stannis was furious when his brother Robert, now king, gave the castle to their younger brother Renly and placed Stannis in command of Dragonstone.

This led to many years of bitterness on Stannis' part. When the castellan, Cortnay Penrose, refused to yield even after Renly's death, he was killed by Stannis' ally, the priestess Melisandre, and the castle surrendered.

Later, the castle was besieged by a strong army under Mace Tyrell, but he abandoned the siege after a few weeks to return to King's Landing after the arrest of his daughter Margaery by the High Septon.

To attract support, Aegon plans to conquer Storm's End and raise the banner of House Targaryen above the battlements.

The scene where Stannis' red priestess Melisandre gave birth to a shadow creature was filmed in the Cushendun Caves , also in Northern Ireland.

The Targaryen kings consolidated this as one of the nine regions of Westeros, after their conquest of the Seven Kingdoms, from sparsely populated pieces of the Riverlands and Stormlands.

The Crownlands form the entire coastline of Blackwater Bay, and include the original Targaryen homeland on the island of Dragonstone, at the Narrow Sea entrance to Blackwater Bay.

Besides King's Landing, which is the largest city in Westeros, the Crownlands include many towns and castles. The illegitimate children born in the Crownlands are given the surname Waters.

Dragonstone was once the westernmost outpost of the ancient Freehold of Valyria. A century before the Doom, the Targaryen family moved to Dragonstone.

When the Doom came upon Valyria, House Targaryen survived along with the last of the Valyrian dragons. Another century later, Aegon Targaryen and his sisters Rhaenys and Visenya launched a massive campaign of conquest from the island and eventually conquered all of Westeros except for Dorne, and North of the Wall.

Aegon's progeny reigned as kings of the Seven Kingdoms for centuries. Dragonstone is a massive, forbidding fortress, taking up a large portion of the island of the same name.

The castle is unique in that the builders and sorcerers of Valyria carved its towers and keeps into the shapes of dragons and made ferocious gargoyles to cover its walls using both magic and masonry.

The castle's lower levels are warmed by residual volcanic activity deep below the keep. There is a small port and town outside of the castle.

During the War of the Usurper, before the sack of King's Landing, the Targaryen Queen Rhaella, who was pregnant, and her son Viserys were sent to Dragonstone along with part of the Targaryen fleet and a garrison of loyal soldiers.

But after King's Landing fell, Robert Baratheon dispatched his brother Stannis to take the island stronghold.

After a storm destroyed the royalist fleet, the Targaryen garrison tried to betray Viserys and his newborn sister, Daenerys, to Stannis the queen had died in childbirth.

But Targaryen loyalists led by Ser Willem Darry took the children away. Stannis conquered Dragonstone easily, and King Robert granted him ownership of the castle.

Stannis felt slighted because his younger brother Renly then inherited Storm's End, the ancient seat of House Baratheon. Upon Robert's death, Stannis declared himself king of the Seven Kingdoms and condemned the queen's children as bastards born of incest , as he had discovered with Jon Arryn.

Dragonstone became his main seat. He returned there after the disastrous Battle of the Blackwater. His councilor, the red priestess Melisandre of Asshai, tried to convince him to let her raise the "stone dragon" of the castle through blood magic, but Lord Davos Seaworth convinced Stannis to go north to the Wall to help the Night's Watch instead.

However, Ser Loras Tyrell, impatient to free the fleet to protect his home castle of Highgarden, attacked Dragonstone directly.

He took the castle but lost a thousand men and was himself reportedly gravely wounded. As of A Dance with Dragons , Dragonstone is now controlled by troops loyal to House Tyrell, and theoretically, once again under control of the Iron Throne.

One scene set at Dragonstone, in which Stannis burns wooden sculptures of the Seven gods, was filmed at the beach of Downhill Strand.

King's Landing is the royal capital of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms. King's Landing has an estimated population of 1 million people, making it the most populous city in Westeros.

The main city is surrounded by a wall, which is manned by the City Watch of King's Landing, which is nicknamed the gold cloaks, after the cloaks they wear.

Within the walls, the city's natural landscape is dominated by three hills, named after Aegon and his two sister-wives Rhaenys and Visenya.

Poorer smallfolk commoners build shanty settlements outside the city. King's Landing is described as extremely populous but unsightly and dirty.

The stench of the city's waste can be smelled far beyond its walls. The royal castle, called the Red Keep, sits on Aegon's Hill. It is the seat of the royal court.

The Keep holds the Iron Throne. Aegon commissioned the throne's construction from the swords of his defeated enemies.

According to legend, he kept the blades sharp because he believed that no ruler should ever sit comfortably. Centuries later, kings still cut themselves on the throne.

It is a common belief that one who cuts himself on the throne has been "rejected" by the throne and is therefore not fit to rule. It is the holiest sept of the Seven.

The slums of King's Landing are called Flea Bottom, where residents are so poor they regularly subsist on "bowls of brown" , a mystery stew that can include the meat of puppies and murder victims.

Martin compared King's Landing to medieval Paris or London. Various other locations around Malta represent the Red Keep, "including the real-life residence of the president of Malta, San Anton Palace.

Angelo was used for the scenes of Arya Stark chasing cats; and St. Dominic monastery stood in for the scene where Ned Stark confronts Cersei Lannister in the godswood.

According to David Benioff, executive producer of the show, "King's Landing might be the single most important location in the entire show, and it has to look right", [S 16] and "The minute we started walking around the city walls we knew that was it.

You read the descriptions in the book and you come to Dubrovnik and that's what the actual city is. It has the sparkling sea, sun and beautiful architecture.

Weiss added "To find a full-on, immaculately preserved medieval walled city that actually looks uncannily like King's Landing where the bulk of our show is set, that was in and of itself such an amazing find".

The floor [at King's Landing] was from the Pantheon in Rome. And again, it occupied a quarter of the Paint Hall, so it's very big, but in my mind [in the books], it's Westminster Abbey, it's St.

Paul's Cathedral. Dorne is the southernmost and least populated land of Westeros. They had two children, a daughter, Rhaenys, and a son, Aegon.

Her children were also killed in front of her. During the War of the Five Kings, Tyrion Lannister , as Hand of the King, turns the historical enmity of House Martell and Dorne into an alliance by sending King Joffrey's middle sibling and sister, Myrcella Baratheon, as the betrothed future bride to Trystane, the youngest child of Prince Doran, who is about her own age.

The wealth of Dorne comes from their famous Sand Steeds, purebred horses of endurance, speed, and grace, and from spices, wines, fishing, fabrics, and textiles.

Dorne is bordered by the Sea of Dorne to the north, the islands known as the Stepstones to the east, and stretches from the high mountains of the Dornish marches, the Red Mountains, separating Dorne from the remainder of the Seven Kingdoms by land.

The southern coast of the continent is bordered by the Summer Sea. Martin, [S 15] Dorne has the highest temperatures of any kingdom in Westeros, and is arid, with a rocky, mountainous, terrain that includes the only desert on the continent.

Its rivers provide some fertile lands and during a long summer there is enough rain and other supplies of water to keep Dorne habitable.

Inland water is almost as valuable as gold, and wells are jealously guarded. Notable locations of Dorne are Starfall, the seat of House Dayne, and Yronwood, the seat of House Yronwood, the most powerful of the Martell bannermen.

Planky Town is a trade port town at the mouth of the River Greenblood. Dornishmen have a reputation for hot-bloodedness. They differ both culturally and ethnically from other Westerosi due to the historical mass immigration of Rhoynish people.

They have adopted many Rhoynish customs as well, including equal primogeniture. Dorne was the only kingdom in Westeros to successfully resist Aegon's conquest, even killing one of his dragons during the war.

It was conquered by Daeron I over a century after the Targaryen invasion, but rose against him leading to his death. Finally under Daeron's cousin Daeron II they joined through marriage.

This accomplishment has allowed Dorne to retain a measure of independence. Lords of the ruling House Martell still style themselves "Prince" and "Princess" in the Rhoynish fashion.

Unlike most of the rest of Westeros, illegitimate children born in Dorne are treated nearly the same as legal offspring [ citation needed ] and given the surname Sand, [44] as with Westerosi customs to give bastards a surname showing their origins.

There were the salty Dornishmen who lived along the coasts, the sandy Dornishmen of the deserts and long river valleys, and the stony Dornishmen who made their fastnesses in the passes and heights of the Red Mountains.

The salty Dornishmen had the most Rhoynish blood, the stony Dornishmen the least. The salty Dornishmen were lithe and dark, with smooth olive skin and long black hair streaming in the wind.

The sandy Dornishmen were even darker, their faces burned brown by the hot Dornish sun. They wound long bright scarfs around their helms to ward off sunstroke.

The stony Dornishmen were biggest and fairest, sons of the Andals and the First Men, brownhaired or blond, with faces that freckled or burned in the sun instead of browning.

East of Naath, the Basilisk Isles have been a festering sore of the Summer Sea, and a safe haven for pirates , slavers , sellswords , and outlaws.

The Isle of Tears is the largest island, with steep valleys and black bogs. It was conquered by the Ghiscari and it was called Gorgai for two centuries, until the dragonlords of Valyria captured it and renamed it Gorgossos.

It was used as a prison by the Freehold, a place where they sent their most despicable criminals. Naath, also known as the Isle of Butterflies, is an island off the north-west coast of Sothoryos that lies west of the Basilisk Isles.

The Naathi people have dark skin and golden eyes. They practice extreme pacifism, making music instead of war and refusing to eat meat, only fruit.

This makes them especially vulnerable to slavers from Essos. Daenerys' interpreter Missandei is from Naath. As indicated on a map in A Storm of Swords , the Summer Islands are situated to the south of Westeros, [20] with a local fauna of talking birds, [45] apes, [46] and monkeys.

Being roughly the size of Eurasia , [S 45] Essos has geography and climate that vary greatly. The western coastline is characterized by green rolling hills, the massive Forest of Qohor , and extensive island chains such as Braavos and Lys.

The middle of the continent is covered by the flat grasslands of the Dothraki Sea and the arid lands known as the Red Waste to the east.

Beyond the Red Waste lies the city of Qarth. The south is dominated by dry rolling hills and has a Mediterranean climate , with a coastline along the Summer Sea and Slaver's Bay.

The north coast of the mainland is separated from the polar cap by the Shivering Sea. To the south, across the Summer Sea, lies the uncharted jungle continent of Sothoryos.

Much of the fictional history of Essos relates to Valyria, a city located on a peninsula in southern Essos and the origin of House Targaryen before the destruction of the Valyrian Empire in an unspecified cataclysm.

The area is known in the books as Slaver's Bay. Across the Narrow sea on the western side of Essos lie the nine Free Cities, independent city-states that are mostly on islands or along the coast.

Although most Free Cities are named early in the first novel, [60] the books only provide a map of this region in A Dance with Dragons.

Mountains to the east separate the coast from the plains of the Dothraki Sea , though gaps in the mountain range provide the Dothraki people some access to the Free Cities.

The Free Cities were colonies built by the ancient Valyrian Freehold, and later declared independence after the Doom of Valyria. The Free Cities span an area characterized by the river Rhoyne, which the local character Yandry describes as "the greatest river in the world".

Unique among the Free Cities, Braavos was not a Valyrian colony, but a secret refuge from Valyrian expansion.

It is also famed for the Titan of Braavos, both a fortress and a statue. The ruler of Braavos is known as the Sealord and it is from the sea that the city's power and wealth flows.

The hulls of Braavosi ships are painted purple [69] and their merchant ships sail to many distant lands and bring their trade and wealth back home.

Braavosi dress in flashy colors while the very rich and powerful dress in black and in blues that are almost black. Officials of Braavos, called keyholders and justiciars, wear drab coats of brown or grey.

Every courtesan has her own barge and servants to work them. The beauty of famed courtesans has inspired many a song. They are showered with gifts from goldsmiths and craftsmen beg for their custom.

Nobility and rich merchants pay the courtesans large amounts of money to appear alongside them at events, and bravos are known to kill each other in their names.

Pugnacious bravos fill the city, frequently dueling to display their skill. Braavos was inspired by Venice , Italy. Pentos is a major trading port on a bay of the western coast.

Dominated by an architecture of square brick towers, it is headed by a Prince who is chosen by the de facto rulers of the city, known as Magisters.

Khalasars occasionally make their way this far from the Dothraki Sea, but the Pentoshi are spared much of the raiding and invasions by paying tribute to their khals.

Men from Pentos wear dyed and forked beards. As in many Free Cities, slavery is outlawed, but the wealthy and powerful members of the city have the ability to flout these laws by keeping servants collared in bronze.

In the television adaptation, Daenerys's scenes in the pilot episode were filmed in Morocco. When Pentos reappeared in Season 5, it was filmed in Croatia.

Volantis is a port on the southern coast of Essos, and is the oldest and proudest of the Free Cities. A fortification known as the Black Wall protects the oldest parts of the city.

Volantis is incredibly important to the slave market, and in the city there are five slaves to every free man. The worship of R'hllor is the most influential religion of Volantis, especially among slaves.

Before the Doom of Valyria, it was the seat of the Valyrian Freehold, a massive empire thousands of years old. The Valyrians are characterized by their silver hair and violet eyes.

Valyria was called The Freehold because every man who owned land was allowed to vote for their leaders.

The Valyrians also used slaves to mine the Fourteen Flames, a series of volcanoes rich with ore. They did this through their knowledge of dragonlore.

Many Valyrians rode dragons. However, hundreds of years ago, an event known as the Doom of Valyria, apparently involving a violent eruption of the Fourteen Flames, destroyed the Freehold and made Valyria an archipelago.

The Targaryens are of the blood of old Valyria, who escaped before The Doom. The Dothraki Sea is a vast, flat grassland on Essos. It is inhabited by the Dothraki people, a copper-skinned race of warlike nomads with their own language and unique culture.

The Dothraki live in hordes called khalasars, each led by a chief called a khal. Khalasars are broken into groups, called khas, which are each led by one of the khal's captains, called kos.

Each khal and his khalasar owe fealty to a ruling council of royal priestesses, called the dosh khaleen, whose members are each a former khal's consort, called a khaleesi during the reign of her husband, one who became part of the dosh khaleen following his death.

Dothraki are expert riders and their horses are of prime importance in their culture, used for food, transportation, raw materials, warfare, and establishing social standing.

They regularly raid other peoples. Martin said "The Dothraki were actually fashioned as an amalgam of a number of steppe and plains cultures Mongols and Huns , certainly, but also Alans , Sioux , Cheyenne , and various other Amerindian tribes So any resemblance to Arabs or Turks is coincidental.

Well, except to the extent that the [historic] Turks were also originally horsemen of the steppes, not unlike the Alans, Huns, and the rest.

The Dothraki have only one permanent city, called Vaes Dothrak, which serves as their capital. The Dosh Khaleen hold the city as their seat.

It is filled with statues stolen from other cities the Dothraki conquered or raided. There is a law that no Dothraki may shed blood within the boundaries of Vaes Dothrak and that those who do are cursed.

Two gigantic bronze stallions, whose hooves meet midair, form an arch above the entryway to the city. The bronze stallions making up the Horse Gate as the main entrance of Vaes Dothrak, were later added using CGI on two pedestals erected on location.

Lhazar is an area of the semi-arid lands south of the Dothraki Sea. A region of pastures and hills, it is inhabited by the Lhazareen, a peaceful people with bronze skin, flat faces, and almond eyes.

They are predominantly shepherds, called the Lamb Men by the Dothraki, who frequently prey on them. They worship a god called the Great Shepherd and believe that all of humanity is part of a single flock.

Slaver's Bay is a marginal sea of the Summer Sea, [20] lying to the south of the Dothraki Sea, to the west of Lhazar and thousands of leagues to the east of the Free Cities.

She stays in Meereen throughout most of A Dance with Dragons. The cities were built from the rubble of Old Ghis, an ancient rival of Valyria that was crushed by Valyria thousands of years before the series' events.

Professional soldiers of all three cities wear outlandish costumes and hairstyles that limit their usefulness in battle. The cities' militaries are highly dependent on additional slave and mercenary armies for the actual fighting.

Present inhabitants of the bay are a mixed race that no longer speak the old Ghiscari tongue but variations of High Valyrian with a characteristic growl.

Their wiry hair was black or a dark red, or that queer mixture of red and black that was peculiar to Ghiscari". Astapor lies on the banks of the Worm River, a wide, slow and crooked stream with wooded islands.

The Plaza of Pride, which has a red-brick fountain and a huge bronze harpy statue in its center, serves as an open air slave market and a marshaling area for the Unsullied, elite eunuch spearmen known for discipline and effectiveness.

Daenerys decides to buy all of Astapor's trained and untrained Unsullied, over in number, [78] and tells them to kill all adult Astapori slavers and soldiers when she leaves the city.

The smallest of the three cities, Yunkai, like Meereen, does not trade in Unsullied but is known for its fighting pits and its pleasure houses, both of which turn out slaves at a brisk pace.

The city is similar to Astapor in architecture except for its smaller size and its use of yellow brick in its buildings instead of red.

The slavers of Yunkai are known as the Wise Masters. Because of the city's lack of Unsullied, it relies on a mixed professional and slave army of approximately 4, with at least 1, mercenaries.

Typical for Ghiscari, Yunkai soldiers wear impractical armor and oiled hair teased into enormous shapes, limiting their effectiveness.

The continent of Westeros is long and relatively narrow, extending from Dorne in the south to the lands beyond the Wall.

In the far north are the frozen Lands of Always Winter , where a large amount of land remains uncharted due to the extremely cold temperatures.

According to semi-canon sources, Westeros is similar in size to South America. Martin has stated that the Wall is a hundred leagues long, or three hundred miles.

Westeros's eastern coast borders on the narrow sea ; across those waters lies the eastern continent of Essos and the island chain known as the Stepstones.

To the south is located the Summer Sea , and within it the Summer Isles. The northern lands of Westeros are less densely populated than the south despite their roughly equivalent size.

Westeros was divided into several independent kingdoms before the start of Aegon's Conquest. After this war and the eventual incorporation of Dorne, all the regions south of the Wall were united under the rule of House Targaryen into a nation known as the Seven Kingdoms , which consists of nine provinces.

The northernmost region of Westeros, the lands beyond the Wall stretch north to the lands past the edge of the known map, known as the Land of Always Winter.

For the most part it is covered by the haunted forest and comprised of many lakes and rivers, and it shelters strange beasts among the mountains of the Frostfangs.

The far north presents an extremely harsh climate, allowing only small numbers of free folk in small villages, in those primarily wild and uncharted lands.

George R. Martin has stated that the lands beyond the Wall make up a large part of Westeros, being roughly as large as Canada.

The north is the largest region, nearly as large as the rest of the regions combined. It is sparsely populated, with vast wilderness, forests, pine-covered hills and snowcapped mountains, although it also is home to one of the five Westerosi cities, White Harbor.

The northern climate is cold and harsh in the winter, and occasionally it snows even in the summer. Its northern border is the Gift , the lands of the Night's Watch.

Its southern frontier lies along the Neck , a marshy isthmus separating it from the southron kingdoms. The narrowness of the region and the difficulty of the terrain make it a natural border for the north, protecting it from invasion.

It has been ruled by House Stark from Winterfell , first as Kings in the North and later as Wardens of the North , for thousands of years. It is colder and much less populated than the south part of Westeros.

Most of its residents still follow the old gods , but some, mainly around the area of White Harbor, have taken the Faith of the Seven.

Bastards in the north are given the surname Snow. The soil is infertile, but there are mines of several types, including iron and lead.

The inhabitants of the harsh archipelago are known as ironmen in the rest of Westeros, and the ironborn among themselves.

Prior to the arrival of Aegon the Conqueror , the ironmen ruled over the riverlands and, thousands of years ago, over much of the western coast of Westeros.

The ironmen are men of the sea, and their naval supremacy was once unmatched. The Faith of the Seven of the Andals find small favor with the ironborn, as their allegiance is given to their native Drowned God.

Bastards in the Iron Islands are given the surname Pyke. They are the domain of the Tullys of Riverrun. The Tullys were never river kings , but were rebel river lords who left Harren the Black in favor of Aegon the Conqueror.

Although the riverlands lack a city, they have many large towns, such as Maidenpool and Fairmarket. People of this region are often called "rivermen".

Bastards in the riverlands are given the surname Rivers. The Vale of Arryn lies to the east of the riverlands, surrounded almost completely by the Mountains of the Moon.

It consists of vast mountain ranges with the people living in valleys between them, such as the Vale proper , and along the coast. The Vale's territory also includes the city of Gulltown , the Fingers , and numerous islands in the Bite and along the narrow sea.

Their seat, the Eyrie , is a castle high in the mountains, small but unassailable. Due to the Vale's harsh winters, travel is only possible through the mountains during certain seasons.

Rebellious mountain clans make travel even more dangerous. Bastards born in the Vale are given the surname Stone. The westerlands are the lands to the west of the riverlands and north of the Reach.

It is a smaller region, but is home to some of the richest gold and silver mines on the continent. People of this region are often called "westermen".

Lannisport , lying near Casterly Rock, is the chief settlement of the region and one of the great ports and cities of Westeros. Bastards in the westerlands are given the surname Hill.

The crownlands are lands ruled directly by the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. These lands include King's Landing and the surrounding areas, including Duskendale and Rosby.

The crownlands are south of the Vale, southeast of the riverlands, and northeast of the Reach, and north of the stormlands.

Bastards in the crownlands are given the surname Waters. The Reach is the largest region except for the north; it encompasses a region of the most fertile part of Westeros and numerous well-populated villages and towns.

The Reach is ruled by House Tyrell from Highgarden. Bannermen of the Tyrells frequently fight with the Dornishmen of the south.

The most prominent city in the Reach is Oldtown. It is the oldest city in Westeros, home to the maesters ' Citadel , and the Starry Sept , the previous seat of the Faith.

Bastards in the Reach are given the surname Flowers. The stormlands , located south of King's Landing , stretch down to the Sea of Dorne and are bordered by Shipbreaker Bay in the east and the Reach in the west.

It is one of the smaller regions of Westeros, a land of harsh mountains, stony shores, and verdant forests. Before Aegon's Conquest they were ruled by the Storm Kings , and afterwards by the Baratheons ; their founder, Orys Baratheon , was rumored to be a bastard relative of the Targaryens.

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Westeros Weitere Formate

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